Frequently Asked Questions

It seems the diameters I am looking for are not available. Can I order special diameters?
Absolutely! As Bulunmaz, we can also take orders for tools requested by customers in special dimensions. If you cannot find the dimensions you are looking for on our website, please contact us. Once your order is created for the dimensions you are looking for, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.
How can I be sure if the product I have chosen is compatible?
We recommend our customers to contact us and get more detailed information about the product they have chosen in order to prevent loss of time in the future. You can contact us via Whatsapp (+90 532 375 02 72) or via email (
There are 110V and 220V options available for some machines, what does that mean and how can I choose the correct one?
Please note that some products have 110V and 220V options available on their respective product page. Before ordering the products please make sure you have chosen your country’s voltage and frequency usage. To check your country's voltage and frequency usage kindly visit Important note that Bulunmaz is not responsible for any malfunctions caused by the customer's choice in this regard.
Why can't I proceed to check out even though my chart is not empty? Do I have to enter my email address?
Our site does not require creating a membership and offers customers the freedom to place orders easily. However, in order to ensure ease of order tracking, customers are asked to enter their email addresses. In this regard, it is recommended that you enter your email address in order to proceed to the check-out page. Since all order details and all other communications will be via email, it is recommended that you enter a valid e-mail address. You can visit the Privacy Policy to get more detailed information about how and for what purposes your personal data is processed.
I am trying to proceed with the order but it asks me to put my shipping information even though I put my address correctly.
This happens when there is no shipping method available for your country. But if you choose the "The Shipping Will Calculate Later" option, our team will inform you with the suitable shipping method and price for your order. Simply select this option and then wait for our team members to contact you regarding your order.
I ordered the product successfully, What now? How can I pay for my order?
In order to complete the order, you first need to confirm your order. Our team members will contact you shortly about your order. You will find an email in your mailbox about the product you order. After you confirm the proforma attached to this email, our team members will send you a link that you can pay for your order. Our site uses IYZICO - iyziLink for processing payments for orders made at
Who is IYZICO?
Founded in 2013, IYZICO is Turkey's fastest growing financial technology company with 30 thousand corporate and more than 400,000 individual users and an annual transaction volume of 5 billion TL. Being licensed by BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) and PCI-DSS, iyzico is a subsidiary company of one the biggest global payment system giant PayU. For more information please visit
What is iyziLink?
IYZICO enables fast and secure online payment through a simple link called iyziLink which enables individual or corporate sellers to receive payments safely from anywhere, regardless of the medium. You can complete your payment with these simple steps. Click the link that we made unique for your payment, check your desired product, enter your card info and pay, simple as that!
Is it safe to use iyziLink?
Your payments are secured 24/7 against any fraudulent activity with IYZICO's AI based system and your card information is securely protected by iyzico with their Level 1 PCI-DSS certified system. Also your payment process will go through the 3D Secure system.
What is Buyer Protection of Bulunmaz and IYZICO?
Once you place your order, our Bulunmaz team offers you live support if you are not happy with your order or you want to change your address. If you think the payment was made without your consent you can always contact 24/7 live support of IYZICO.
I have an American Express card. Would I be able to pay for my order with IyziLink?
Yes absolutely! With IYZICO, you can pay with your American Express card. If you are unable to pay with your American Express card, be sure to contact your bank about this issue. If the issue remains, please be sure to contact Bulunmaz Team regarding your issue.
Who can I contact regarding my payment/order?
You can always contact Bulunmaz Istanbul Headquarter via, and through Whatsapp +90 532 059 06 43 regarding your questions/requests about your payments and orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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