Banglemaster 12-AXIS

Banglemaster is the professional choice of jewellery makers. It has different options up to 12-axis and totally computer controlled. Biggest jewellery factories of the world prefer Banglemaster.


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The top model of Bulunmaz CNC machines. Multi-axis CNC machine available in several configurations: 8-, 11- and 12-axis models. Customizable to your requirements. This machine works on rings and bangles of any radius, as well as flat pieces.

  • The machine works on rings and bangles of any radius, flat products.
  • Motion control system from Mitsubishi (Japan) ensures perfect coordination of all machine systems.
  • Spindle motor from Haechi (South Korea) with automatic tool changer: 50.000 rpm, 2.8 kW.
  • Automatic tool changing system with tapered holder (ISO10).
  • Extra option to install surface scanner for jewelry pieces of complex geometry (e.g. oval shape).
  • Preloaded design library with more than 2.000 models ready-to-use.
  • Isolated working chamber for collection and return of waste.
  • Ability to import 2D designs in DXF format from CorelDRAW, AutoCAD.
  • Machinable products: bangles or wedding rings with any radius, flat objects, round earrings, various round objects
    Mitsubishi Japan motion control system
    Haechi South Korea high speed spindles
    DXF drawing direct upload
      Cutting on round objects (rings, bangles)
      Optional oil cooling system
    Full dust collection
    FREE installation training
Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 160 × 105 × 200 cm
Vertical motor

50.000 rpm, 2.8 kW, ATC/10 Tools Changer (Haechi South Korea)

Horizontal motor

(360 degrees) 12.000 rpm, 0.75 kW, MTC x 2 motors (Hertz Turkey)

Extra head

70.000 rpm Pheumatic Spindle + Hammering attachment (Bulunmaz Turkey)

Surface scanner



220 V, 50/60 Hz, 5.5 kW


Servo Motors (Mitsubishi Japan)
(750W x 2, 400W x 6, 200W x 2 Mitsubishi Japan)

Cooling of motors

Air cooling

Cooling of work area

Spray cooling / Oil cooling optional (additional cost)

Working area

X: 500 mm, Y: 360 degrees, Z: 200mm


10+ kW UPS, 100 lt. compressors


PC Control/ Bulunmaz Soft


120 x 92 x 172 cm (body) / 1000 kg

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